Service Product Program

Research / Invention / Creativity / Innovation

Mentoring of the young generation in solving problems through a creative research process to create a creative work, the results of research and inventions as far as dedicate it to society.

  • M!ND KLass. A creative class to solve problems resulting in producing a work
  • M!ND WorKLass. A creative workshop to inspire young people to learn from a problem as far as start working.
  • Kids and Youth Project Preparation. Finalization of students’ works before undergoing the evaluation of work outside the school activities (exhibition, conferences and competitions) on a national and international scale.

International Collaborative Program

The process of learning and inspiring for students through overseas activities (field trip, outing) and international trip (International Live-in).

  • Trip to Learn:
  • Students Camp

Educators Development

  • Educators’ MeeTalk
  • Inspiring Educators’ Clinic