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Tentang Kami is a center for developing creativity and innovation of the youth through collaborative activities that inspire, create, and dedicate their creations to the society.

Since their working areas are in Education, Media, and Professional, connects them through collaborations as they focus on building collaboration for the creations of young generation as well as cultivating the open minded young generation to deal with problem solving in creative-innovative ways and dedicate their creation for society. implements their working cycle (Inspiring – Creating – Dedicating) in designing learning experiences for students that can be integrated and implemented in their real life through several programs such as Learning through Trip, Make Innovation and Dedicate It (M!ND) WorKLass, Creativity Research Invention – Innovation, as well as Kids and Youth Project Preparation.

In carrying out the programs, collaborates with various parties from different backgrounds (Diversity) for example: theme parks, schools, universities, innovation centers, and other institutions which concern on education in order to produce unique yet useful (Authenticity) and sustainable (Sustainability) works for the society. 


Working Circle

The working cycle of is active in 3 activities:
- Inspiring
- Creating
- Dedicating

These three activities will be done collaboratively with various parties from different backgrounds (Diversity) to produce a unique yet useful (Authenticity) and sustainable (Sustainability) work for the society.



Raya Kupang Jaya 1AD kav 3


Phone: +628172362236


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